Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Love Puppy

If Jasmine and I had puppies is this what they would look like?

he he

Pic: Flickr

An award

The very pretty Lara over at I wanna be a MUA gave me this award:

I don't wear make-up but my mummy reads this blog as it's great for make-up tips and things about Lara. Thank you for the award Lara, I'm glad you enjoy my blog - I will ask mummy to update it more!

I would like to pass this award onto:

Jaime at She Will Have Her Way

♥ My little friend Isla (and her Mummy Ally) at Give A Girl the Right Shoes and She can Conquer the World

♥ Liss
(and my doggy crush Dougall *swoon*) at Frills in the Hills

Gems (a dachshund lover!) at The Life of Gems (PS: Happy birthday lovely)

Lilli xx

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Whoooooo's been sleeping in my bed?!

This is my best friend Jasmine, the Golden Retriever. She likes sleeping in my bed.

Jasmine was 11 the other day. Happy birthday J!

Nudie Rudie

I'm a nudie dog - I don't like clothes. Mummy tried, especially when it gets cold, but I pull them off. I shake, squirm, nuzzle, cry and do everything I can to stop Mummy from dressing me.

Mummy showed me this video today to show me how pretty I could look in a nice dress. Obviously Mummy needs reminding that I look pretty just as a Nudie Rudie dachshund.

PS: this dachie is a miniature, I am longer. I also have different markings on my face (ie I am cuter)