Thursday, March 19, 2009

Uncle Fritz

Today Mummy has told me a lot about my Uncle Fritz because today is the day, 27 years ago, that Mummy was given Fritz by her grandparents.

Today is St Joseph's Day and after celebrations at Mummy's school (ironically including a sausage sizzle), Mummy went to her grandparents place and her Mummy told her there was a surprise there! When Mummy went outside there was Fritz waiting for her! They were never sure how old Fritz was because they rescued him but they think he was about four.

We don't have many photos of Fritz, only a grainy photo but Mummy has told me a lot about him. He was a black and tan smooth just like me. He could sit and beg for treats. His favourite food was Coon cheese and his best friend was Ben the chihuahua (Nanny's dog).

Mummy wanted a miniature poodle but got a dachshund instead - how lucky was that?!

Lilli xx

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