Friday, September 25, 2009

10 things I love about my Dachshund

A post by Mummy:

10 things I love about Lilli the Dachshund (in no particular order)

Snoring Lilli. She does the tiniest little snores. Lilli only seems to only snore when she falls asleep on the lounge at night while I'm watching TV.

2. Sunbaking Lilli. Lilli loves to sit in the sun but especially in the front yard (as Lilli has blogged about here).

3. Toast Lilli. When I give Lilli a cuddle after she's been napping she smells of toast. It's a very special smell, it's just toasty and warm.

4. Bathroom Lilli. Even if I shut the door she will nudge it open and will want to jump up on me. Annoying sometimes but to be honest I would miss it if she stopped!

5. Shower Lilli. When I have a shower Lilli will sit on the bathroom mat and wait for me; it's probably the one and only time she sits still and does nothing. Then when I get out of the shower she puts her front paws up on the edge and licks the water.

6. Comfort Lilli. Before going to sleep Lilli will 'paw' at her bed or blanket to get it just right. It's comforting to me before I go to sleep because I know that she is comfortable and about to go off to Dachshund sleepy land.

7. Best friend Lilli. Seeing Jasmine and Lilli together warms my heart. When they see each other for the first time they bounce around. Whenever they nap together Lilli always has to touch her bum to Jasmine's bum.

8. Pokey Tongue Lilli. Sometimes Lilli falls asleep with the littlest bit of tongue sticking out.

9. Cuddles Lilli. I think one of Lilli's favourite things is cuddles! Sometimes if we're awake a little early I will lift her up onto my bed and we'll have a bit of cuddle time (okay it's more like a time of Lilli trying to get under the covers; then when she realises she won't win that battle she will then nuzzle my hand for a pat; then she'll finally settle into nice cuddle time).

10. Hometime Lilli. Coming home to Lilli is one of my favourite times of the day. I peak out the window and see a little black bottom and then as I open the door that little bottom hits the deck so fast (she knows the screen door won't be open until she sits!).

I love my little Lilli so much.