Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm bacccck!

I hope you haven't tuned out from my blog.

So much has happened and it's been a long time, especially in dachshund time. We moved to a lovely big house with a big lush backyard. Mummy and Daddy were very busy when moving, not too busy to give me lots of hugs of course but too busy to let me onto the computer to blog. Also Mummy was training for a very important race, the City2Surf and I'm so proud of her. My legs would have to move really fast for a long long time to run 14kms!

My blogging break meant I spent a lot of time sunbaking and relaxing with J in my new backyard. Ok, I do that regardless of blogging or not....

Then Mummy got a new MacBook which I haven't been allowed to get on - because it's new and shiny but it's also Mummy's new toy *sheesh*

I love my new house and you will be reading about all the new adventures I have here.

Lilli xx

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