Saturday, June 19, 2010

A tribute to Hendrix

I know about Doggy Heaven because my Mummy tells me about my Uncle Fritz and he went there a long time ago. Today a special friend has gone to Doggy Heaven. Hendrix is the fur baby of my mummy's friend Kelli-Ann. She is lovely and Hendrix has been very lucky to have her as her a mumma.

Hendrix was 14 and lived with his mummy for 11 years. He was a rescue dog just like me. Isn't it nice that we were rescued to be spoilt! We are very lucky to have such special mummas who love us and spoil us so much.
Hendrix will be very missed by his mumma (and siblings). Please go and give your mummies a big hug today.

RIP Hendrix.

To read about Hendrix, his mummy's blog is here

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FeistyKel said...

(((love))) Heart you lots Lilli, and your Mama is pretty damn special, too. xxx Thank you xxx