Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm now a blogger dog!

Hi blogger dogs & readers, this is my new blog so I will start by telling you a little bit about me. I was born on 1 May 2005 which, if I count on my paws, makes me 3.5! I had another home when I was a baby but when I was 18 months old my Mummy adopted me from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. We were meant for each other as she had a dachshund when she was little – he too was black and tan and his name was Fritz, he was probably my Uncle. Mummy wanted another dachshund but also wanted to adopt a doggy from the pound so she was very excited to see me up for adoption. I was very excited when I first met her, she gives great cuddles and gives me food.

We lived in Melbourne at first. I was a famous doggy around those parts – here is the link to my story and we also featured in New Idea magazine.

We have now moved to Sydney and I love it here. When I first moved here I got to stay with my Aunty Manda then Mummy and I moved into my new house. Some days I go over to Aunty Penny’s house for playover with her little people called Sophie and Paddy.

I like going to the park especially if there are bigger dogs there because I like to chase them around and show them who’s boss. I also like going to cafes with my Mummy especially if Aunty Lynda and Uncle Nathan come along too. Uncle Nathan likes to take me for walks and if I get too tired he puts me in his bag! Don’t tell him this but I often just pretend that I’m tired so he carries me around because it’s like one big cuddle!

I love it when my Oma and Poppy come to visit. Oma will cuddle me for hours and Poppy pretends he doesn’t like dogs but I have changed all that and now I cuddle up to him the most – it makes him think he’s the boss of the family but everyone knows it’s really me. For Christmas Mummy took me up to Poppy & Oma’s place, they live where it’s quiet and there are a lot of trees and grass so I could go off and explore!

There are two beds in my room – one is a small bed really close to the ground and the other is a big bed with a wooden frame, a mattress, pillows, sheets and a doona. I let Mummy sleep in the big bed with me, sometimes she tells me to sleep on the little bed but I look at her with my cutest face and she then lets me back up onto my bed.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog – the life of an inner city dachshund!

Love & Pats

Lilli xx


Anita said...

Welcome to blogdom Lilli; I look forward to reading about all your adventures! -xxx-

Kahlee said...

Love it! xoxo

mummabee said...

Gorgeous! I too look forward to reading your inner city wisdoms...

Maria said...

Love the new blog Sammie! Looking forward to reading more about Lilli and her life in the city. BTW I didn't know you two were famous! xo