Monday, February 9, 2009

Please help bushfire animals

This weekend we had devastating and fatal bushfires in Victoria, Australia. Many appeals have been set up for families who have lost everything but please don't forget the animals. RSPCA Victoria are providing emergency assistance to wildlife, pets and livestock who have been injured, lost or need temporary accommdation.

If you can help with emergency relief or make a cash donation please go to the RSPCA Victoria website.

To all our friends in Victoria please stay safe.

Love & pats
Lilli xx


Liss said...

Good point there Lilli. Those poor little defenseless animals :(

Jaime said...

I haven't ever seen such devastation, nor have I ever had so many news stories move me to tears. So much sadness and loss, thankfully there are many wonderful people helping the lost families and animals.
J xx

Jaime said...

Hey Lil! I tagged you!
J xx