Sunday, February 15, 2009

New palace for the puppy

It's been a few days since you've had a Lilli update and that's because Mummy and I have been moving! We love it here - I have a huge house to run about in and a huge yard (back and front) to explore. Moving is tiring though so I've spent most of the weekend in my favourite spot - my blankie on the lounge. I love the new blankie spot because I can look out the front door to make sure everything is alright in my new street.


Jaime said...

Hope you and your Mummy enjoy your new digs Lil. Can't wait to see some more photos
Jaime x

Lilli said...

Did someone say digging?

Oh no Jaime, I don't dig. I would get my nails dirty xx

Liss said...

oooh err new house to overtake Lilli - can't wait to see pics of you commanding the backyard critters!!

Ask Mummy when cocktail housewarming is OK?xx